30 September 2012

I've been a complaining, stiff-necked (literally and figuratively) mess the last six months. I finally caved and saw a chiropractor - it turns out my neck is 'jammed to the right', far too straight and the damage started at least 10 years ago! Who would have thought?! "Well, what did you expect?" was Eric's sympathetic response when I told him (he did put up with all my grousing, so I let it pass).

Bi-weekly visits to my chiropractor involve being twisted into the shape of a pretzel, then being sat on. Okay, slight exaggeration there. But my bones do crunch like I'm being squished.

Then my kind chiropractor friend makes me lie on ice to stop my muscles from swelling painfully in reaction to the change my spine is experiencing.
No one really likes change and it's I seem to have reacted the same way to other recent adjustments in life. I've become inflamed, uncomfortable and in need of an icepack.

Of all the changes though, I will say that marriage has been the kindest and sweetest. Eric has been very good to me. :)

On another note, I'm thoroughly enjoying the new Mumford & Sons album! It reminds me keenly of the familiar (and recently ignored) feeling of homesickness - in this instance, the feeling is not unwelcome. Amongst other functions, Mumford music is the soundtrack to gritty London streets and their meanderings.

I've shut my eyes tight and imagined myself on Eton Avenue more than once today.

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